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Our system produces a dog that WANTS to learn and work with you!

Does your dog have selective hearing? Do they pull on the leash? Do they bark and lunge at other dogs or people? Do you love your dog but wish they had better manners? Don't know where to start?Get help for your problem dog. We love a challenge and you will love the results! Our custom training program produces a dog that wants to learn and work with you.

Imagine a dog who walks politely at your side as the world passes by. Your dog is happy, calm and confident. Imagine a dog who offers to sit the first time you ask, in a normal tone of voice, around distractions, every time. Imagine a dog who does this for every command, because you are a team, and your dog loves to work with you.

What Dog Training Can Do For YOU
Is your dog's behavior causing you stress and anxiety? Let us help ease the tension. Our no-nonsense dog training is designed to be easily incorporated into your everyday life. You are always training your dog, whether you are making a conscious effort to do so, or not. Maximize your dogs pawtential through your everyday interactions. Dog training doesn't have to be a chore. Our goal is to make learning fun for you and your dog.

What Dog Training Can Do for your DOG
Dog training provides a mental and physical outlet for your dog’s energy. All dogs were bred to DO something. Hunting dogs, herding dogs, guarding breeds, and lap dogs all have a purpose. Training gives them the job that they so desperately crave, while strengthening the bond between dog and handler. Training is a mental and physical activity for your dog, and will tire them out much faster than cardio (running, jogging, walking, hiking etc) alone. Everyone knows a tired dog is a happy dog, but a dog who is well exercised but without training is simply a nuisance with good stamina! When dogs don't know what is expected of them, they usually fall into two categories: Hyper and wild, or nervous and fearful. If your dog knows it's job, it's much more likely to be calm and confident.
Our training is comprehensive. Let us help you lead, teach, and manage your dog to create the best possible relationship.

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